Aerial Ambassadors

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The Goodyear Blimp is any one of a fleet of blimps owned and run by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. They are used for advertising purposes, as well as being used as an aerial camera for sporting events. Goodyear began producing airships in 1911 and their own blimp in 1925, called The Pilgrim.

There are currently three blimps in the American Fleet: the Spirit of Goodyear, based in Suffield Township, Ohio near Akron, Spirit of America, based in Carson, California, and Spirit of Innovation, based in Pompano Beach, Florida.Goodyear also has blimps operating in other parts of the world. Each blimp is equipped with an LED sign, called “Eaglevision,” which makes it able to display bright words and images.

Goodyear Blimps still adorn the skies, can be seen at many major sporting events, and were listed in Ramussen’s report of top 15 guerilla marketing strategies.

Facets of Effect


The Facet of Effect that the Goodyear readily embodies is without a doubt the Perception Facet: See/Hear. Exposure is a factor of this, and the Blimp is placed in situations where millions are exposed to the message. Selection and Attention is another factor. The Goodyear succeeds at grabbing attention! It is the only aircraft flying over head! Goodyear also succeeds in the Recognition factor. Millions of people not only recognize the blimp, but also recall the message on it.


Goodyear Blimps  are considered one of the most iconic advertisements in the U.S. In this strategy, success would be measured by the recognition and recall of the company. Goodyear estimates 60 million people see their 3 blimps annually.

Profile of Target Audience 


Goodyear’s blimp is a way to get recognition, so they are trying (and succeeding) to reach demographics. However, they are focused a bit more on males, since they are a tire and rubber company. This is part of the reason why they focus on advertising at sporting events.


For behavioral, the path would be Think-Feel-Do. Goodyear sells tires and they don’t create a strong desire/wanting. Their blimp had information and spikes interest in what they might NEED.


Picking a VALs Framework for their target audience is a bit difficult, since they really try to target everyone. However, I would say the self-expression of the experiences and makers. In the Mindbase categories, I would say their audience is the “I Measure Twice”…living an active lifestyle and working for a rewarding future.

Personal Analysis

I personally think that Goodyear’s use of blimp for advertising is a stroke of genius. They are the landmark company to use such an obscure aircraft to advertise, and the only one to do so. In fact, if I do see a blimp in the sky, I immediately associate with Goodyear. I like their strategy for success, as well. According to Goodyear, “We don’t charge for anything we do. We have our own camera gear and camera people. If we cover your event, in exchange, you show mention us and show a show a shot of the blimp.”


On April 10, Goodyear announced they are working on updating their advertising. A new model of the blimp is be assembled in Akron, Ohio, by the Goodyear company and Germany company, Zeppelin. 


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