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For literal billboard, Cingular’s “Dropped Calls” would be near the top of the list. A sign spanning the side of the Marriott in Time Square, the sign reads “Hate Dropped Calls”…only the “calls” part had dropped to the ground . It was constructed in the fall of 2006.

Facet of Effects Model Applied 

-Facet of Effect Model-

  • Cingular’s “Dropped Calls” first and foremost fits under the “perception” facet of effect. The advertisement is exposed in an extremely trafficked place for viewing purposes. There is a high level of interest, as evident by the photos and people posing next to the dropped part of the sign. Cingular emphasized attention, as well. In a place where there are hundreds of advertisements trying to get your attention, there is one billboard with a huge chunk out of the middle…the call literally dropped to the ground.


The response would be if consumers noticed the massive billboard amongst all the other ones. That came true, as evident by people posing with pictures of the sign.


The effectiveness of this ad would result in if Cingular’s customers rose.

Profile of Target Market Audience


The Demographics on this billboard would be measured mainly by age and education/income. This particular ad is displayed in New York City’s Time Square–not a regular main street. The billboard would be targeted toward professionals working in the area, or wealthy tourists.

Although nearly everyone has a cell phone nowadays, I believe you could put an age span on this ad–most likely from early 20s (just buying their own cell phone plan) continuing on through retirement age (where people are not as concerned with what kind of plan they have).

This billboard could encompass several age labels–a few “Baby Boomers,” “Gen X,” and “Me Generation,” and “Generation Y.” Older members of the Generation Y would be especially interested in this ad, being known also as the “Digital or Net Generation” and electronic savvy.


I believe the VALS lifestyle framework that best describes consumers of the dropped calls would be Achievers. The label “I Am at Capacity” best fits this advertisement. “I Am At Capacity” talks about looking for convenience and simplification. The advertisement isn’t displaying a unique or expensive product, but one that will supposedly make your life more stress-free.


Probably the category that is most pertinent to the Behavior section is the Innovation and Adoption. By trying a new cell phone plan (signing a contract), users are taking a risk about the relationship and what you gain. This would probably feel under the “Needs” category…the  Feel-think-Do section. At least, the advertisers want you to think you really need the new plan.

Personal Analysis

I think this billboard is effective. It is attention gathering, being prominently displayed. Dropped calls are annoying, and Cingular emphasizes just how much so with a larger-than-life billboard. The fallen piece of this ad further demonstrates the nuisance of dropped calls, and emphasizes Cingular’s goal of changing that.



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